June 19th - 21st, 2020
Specks Arena - Sunnyside, WA

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    Call-ins: Sue Branch - (360) 220-2522    Or email: sort4thecause@gmail.com
Please be respectful of the call/text in times of 6pm-8pm.
Also remember that you can send a email at ANY time.

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Class Rider 1 Rider 2
Open Mark Brady Scott Short
Pro-Am Mark Brady Tracey Bechtholdt
Pro-Am Mark Brady Chris Gawthorn
Pro-Am Mark Brady Laurie Ward
Pro-Am Mark Brady Bill Grimmet
Pro-Am Scott Short Tracey Bechtholdt
Pro-Am Scott Short Chris Gawthorn
Pro-Am Tracey Bechtholdt Chris Gawthorn
Pro-Am Christine
Pro-Am Christine Gawthorn Mark Bradey
Pro-Am Jamie Shumaker Art Aske
Pro-Am Jamie Shumaker Larry Wolf
Pro-Am Jamie Shumaker LeAnne Wolf
Pro-Am Donna Cox Craig Baar
Pro-Am Donna Cox Roger Braa
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Duane Dechaux
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Art Aske
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Shad Morey
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Sheri Achambeault
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Chrisln Prantl
Pro-Am 19593 294598
Pro-Nov Mark Brady Shalaina Williams
Pro-Nov Mark Brady Kirk Williams
Pro-Nov Ann Holgerson Craig Barr
Pro-Nov Ann Holgerson Roger Braa
Amateur Tracey Bechtholdt Laurie Ward
Amateur Shaari King
Amateur Jamie Shumaker Penny Aske
Amateur Jamie Shumaker Heather Anderson
Amateur Debby Easterson Penny Aske
Amateur Debby Easterson Linda Reed
Amateur Debby Easterson Vondalee Hight
Amateur Debby Easterson Jeff Beacock
Amateur Donna Cox Aaron Shields
Amateur Donna Cox Willy Patterson
Amateur 71117 889868
Am-Nov Ann Holgerson Christine Gawthorn
Am-Nov Ann Holgerson Vicki Gray
Am-Nov Willy Patterson Ann Holderson
Am-Nov Jamie Shumaker Jackie Towle
Am-Nov Robin sak Lyn sak
Am-Nov Ann Holgerson Donna Cox
Am-Nov 46556 96260
Novice Joanna nestegard Cora nestegard
Novice Devra Lewis Bobi Manuel
Novice Devra Lewis Sue Shockley-myra
Novice Bobi Manuel Sue Shockley-myra
Novice Shalaina Williams Kirk Williams
Novice Lyn Sak Shalaina Williams
Novice Karen Edwards DeLynn Erickson
Novice Karen Edwards Shalaina Williams
Novice Karen Edwards Kirk Williams
Novice Shalaina Williams. Cora Nestegard.
Novice Cora Nestegard. Kirk Williams.
Novice Ann Holgerson Vicki Gray
Novice Bonnie H Deano Lovecchio
Novice Cora Nestegard Shalaina Williams
Novice Cora Nestegard Karen Edwards
Novice Ann Holgerson Delynn Erickson
Novice Ann Holgerson Kirk Williams
Survivor Lyn Sak 2
Survivor Karen Edwards 2