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    Open - 103 Teams
Open Kristi Beeson Shad Morey
Open Kristi Beeson Robert Bouffard
Open Kristi Beeson Riley Wolf
Open Mark Brady Tracey Bechtholdt
Open Mark Brady Laura Antony
Open Mark Brady Devin Antony
Open Mark Brady Vicki Gray
Open Laura Antony Devin Antony
Open Laura Antony Tracey Bechtholdt
Open Laura Antony Ron Davis
Open Devin Antony Tracey Bechtholdt
Open Devin Antony Ron Davis
Open Kit cartmell Tracey Bechtholdt
Open Shad Morey Fred Young
Open Shad Morey Craig Baar
Open Mark Brady Robert Bouffard
Open Shad Morey Kayring Delikat
Open Cayley Rishor-Olney Ron Davis
Open Amelia Haller Dave Eatmon
Open Amelia Haller Darrell Winters
Open Andrea Cartmell Cindy Redding
Open Andrea Cartmell Tara Moore
Open Amelia Haller Doneva Brown
Open Clinton Carl Mike Loftin
Open Clinton Carl Doneva Brown
Open Clinton Carl Cayley Rishor-Olney
Open Clinton Carl Beth Rishor
Open Kristi Beeson Roger Braa
Open Clinton Carl Andrea Cartmell
Open Cindy Redding Doneva Brown
Open Cindy Redding Dan Jorgenson
Open Cindy Redding Teresa Long
Open Connie Hauver Dan Jorgensen
Open Larry Hauver Dan Jorgensen
Open Connie Hauver Larry Hauver
Open Dan Jorgensen Denis Fast
Open Cindy Redding
Open Vicki Gray Tracey Bechtholdt
Open Karen veltman Kip veltman
Open Karen veltman Kristi Beeson
Open Karen veltman Roger Braa
Open Karen veltman Mike loftin
Open Karen veltman LeAnne Wolf
Open Kip veltman Roger Braa
Open Kip veltman Mike Loftin
Open Laura Antony Scott Short
Open Devin Antony Scott Short
Open Kevin Dunham John Borkholder
Open Mike Loftin Roger Braa
Open Kevin Dunham Ernie Hockens
Open Kevin Dunham Dave Eatmon
Open Art Aske Jim Adderson
Open Art Aske Steve Bovan
Open Art Aske AJ Russell
Open Mike Loftin Jodi Braa
Open Vicki Gray Craig Baar
Open Vicki Gray Denis Fast
Open Vicki Gray Teresa Long
Open Art Aske Robert Bouffard
Open Corinne Morris-Dimick Monika Chandler
Open Liz Hockens Ernie Hockens
Open John Borkholder Dave Eatmon
Open John Borkholder Kirsten Kalchbrenner
Open John Borkholder Mike Loftin
Open Craig Baar Robert Bouffard
Open Craig Baar
Open Craig Baar Kayring Delikat
Open Tara Moore Jim Adderson
Open Denis Fast Steve Bovan
Open Jim Adderson Robert Bouffard
Open Jim Adderson AJ Russell
Open Tara Moore AJ Russell
Open Tara Moore Barry Nelson
Open Steve bovan Fred Young
Open AJ Russell Robert Bouffard
Open Doneva Brown Amelia Haller
Open Tara kimbrough Cayley Rishor-Olney
Open LeAnne Wolf Beth Rishor
Open Larry Wolf Beth Rishor
Open jay Cartmell fred young
Open Larry Hauver Denis Fast
Open Larry Wolf Riley Wolf
Open Denis Fast Larry Kling
Open Kip Veltman Kevin Dunham
Open Darrell Winters Dan Jorgensin
Open Darrell Winters TBD
Open Darrell Winters Teresa Long
Open Steve bovan Kevin Dunham
Open Ron Davis Larry Hauver
Open Monika Chandler Carly Moore
Open Riley Wolf Cayley Rishor-Olney
Open Riley Wolf kayring Delikat
Open LeAnne Wolf Larry Wolf
Open LeAnne Wolf Doneva Brown
Open LeAnne Wolf Riley Wolf
Open Larry Wolf Roger Braa
Open Larry Wolf Riley Wolf
Open Larry Wolf Doneva Brown
Open Dave Eatmon Kirsten Kalchbrenner
Open Barry Nelson Kirsten Kalchbrenner
Open Jay Cartmell Denis Fast
Open Jay Cartmell Teresa Long
Open Jay Cartmell Steve Bovan
    Pro-Am - 155 Teams
Pro-Am Kristi Beeson Tara Moore
Pro-Am Mark Brady Donna Cox
Pro-Am Mark Brady Kit Cartmell
Pro-Am Mark Brady Shelly Deboer
Pro-Am Tara kimbrough Mark Brady
Pro-Am Tara kimbrough Denis Fast
Pro-Am Tara kimbrough Tracey Bechtholdt
Pro-Am Tara kimbrough Kelley Irwin
Pro-Am Shelby Hurley Delynn Erickson
Pro-Am Kit cartmell Denis fast
Pro-Am Kit cartmell Jay cartmell
Pro-Am Kit cartmell Larry wolf
Pro-Am Kit cartmell LeAnne wolf
Pro-Am Kristi Beeson TBD
Pro-Am Shelby Hurley Cindy Redding
Pro-Am Shelby Hurley Ron Davis
Pro-Am Shelby Hurley Fred Young
Pro-Am Kristi Beeson Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Kristi Beeson John Bartheld
Pro-Am Kristi Beeson Barb Deaton
Pro-Am Shad Morey Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Shad Morey Barb Deaton
Pro-Am Shad Morey TBD
Pro-Am Larry Hauver Ron Davis
Pro-Am Beth Rishor Ron Davis
Pro-Am Amelia Haller Roger Braa
Pro-Am Amelia Haller Larry Wolf
Pro-Am Amelia Haller Kip Veltman
Pro-Am Amelia Haller Karen Veltman
Pro-Am Amelia Haller Clinton Carl
Pro-Am Marvin Bright Kip Veltman
Pro-Am Andrea Cartmell Diane Davis
Pro-Am Andrea Cartmell Tara Moore
Pro-Am Pam Bright Larry Wolf
Pro-Am Pam Bright LeAnne Wolf
Pro-Am Pam Bright Darrell Winters
Pro-Am Pam Bright Beth Rishor
Pro-Am Pam Bright Jim Adderson
Pro-Am Clinton Carl Rory Calhoon
Pro-Am Shelly DeBoer Craig Baar
Pro-Am Shelly DeBoer Andrea Cartmell
Pro-Am Shelly DeBoer Cayley Rishor-Olney
Pro-Am Hilary Gonia Mark Brady
Pro-Am Hilary Gonia Barb Deaton
Pro-Am Shelly DeBoer Beth Rishor
Pro-Am Tara Kimbrough Doneva Brown
Pro-Am Shelby Hurley Darrell Winters
Pro-Am Cindy Redding Larry Hauver
Pro-Am Roger Braa Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Connie Hauver Kip Veltman
Pro-Am Connie Hauver Karen Veltman
Pro-Am Connie Hauver Dan Jorgensen
Pro-Am Larry Hauver Dan Jorgensen
Pro-Am Darrell Winters Connie Hauver
Pro-Am Connie Hauver Cayley Rishor-Olney
Pro-Am Cindy Redding Sue Myra
Pro-Am Karen veltman John Bartheld
Pro-Am Karen veltman Evita Skerse
Pro-Am Kip veltman John Bartheld
Pro-Am Kip veltman Larry Kling
Pro-Am Josie bundy Billy Moore
Pro-Am Kevin Dunham Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Am Kevin Dunham Desiree Pierpoint
Pro-Am Kevin Dunham Ernie Hockens
Pro-Am Kevin Dunham Liz Hockens
Pro-Am Barb Deaton Craig Baar
Pro-Am Barb Deaton Vicki Gray
Pro-Am Tracey Bechtholdt DeLynn Erickson
Pro-Am DeLynn Erickson Vicki Gray
Pro-Am DeLynn Erickson Jodi Braa
Pro-Am Art Aske Penny Aske
Pro-Am Art Aske Jamie Shumaker
Pro-Am Art Aske Bill Grimmett
Pro-Am Art Aske Heather Anderson
Pro-Am Penny Aske Jim Adderson
Pro-Am Vicki Gray Lisa Fast
Pro-Am Penny Aske Robert Bouffard
Pro-Am Penny Aske AJ Russell
Pro-Am William Patterson Tracey Bechtholdt
Pro-Am Heather Anderson Robert Bouffard
Pro-Am Billy grimmett AJ Russell
Pro-Am Billy grimmett Robert Bouffard
Pro-Am Denis Fast Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Am Tara Moore Denis Fast
Pro-Am Wes Cannon Monika Chandler
Pro-Am Wes Cannon Corinne Morris-Dimick
Pro-Am Donna Cox Tracey Bechtholdt
Pro-Am Donna Cox Craig Baar
Pro-Am William Patterson craig baar
Pro-Am William Patterson fred young
Pro-Am William Patterson shad morey
Pro-Am Corinne Morris-Dimick Monika Chandler
Pro-Am Ernie Hockens Teresa Long
Pro-Am Ernie Hockens Cayley Rishor-Olney
Pro-Am Liz Hockens Teresa Long
Pro-Am Liz Hockens Beth Rishor
Pro-Am John Borkholder Roger Braa
Pro-Am John Borkholder Kirsten Kalchbrenner
Pro-Am John Borkholder LeAnne Wolf
Pro-Am Liz Hockens Cayley Rishor-Olney
Pro-Am Teresa Long Jane Bouchey
Pro-Am Teresa Long Pat Long
Pro-Am Kelley irwin Delynn Erickson
Pro-Am Marvin Bright Roger Braa
Pro-Am Mike Loftin Evita Skerse
Pro-Am John Bartheld Roger Braa
Pro-Am John Bartheld Larry Wolf
Pro-Am Marvin Bright Denis Fast
Pro-Am Tara Moore Craig Baar
Pro-Am Tara Moore Darrell Winters
Pro-Am John Borkholder Mike Lofton
Pro-Am John Borkholder Dave Eatmon
Pro-Am Barry Nelson Kristi Nelson
Pro-Am Barry Nelson Hilary Gonia
Pro-Am Larry Hauver Bill Jones
Pro-Am Tim Larson Beth Rishor
Pro-Am Tim Larson Cayley Rishor-Olney
Pro-Am Tim Larson Darrell Winters
Pro-Am Clinton Carl Sue Myra
Pro-Am AJ Russell Doug Wallace
Pro-Am AJ Russell Tamara Kulp
Pro-Am Ernie Hockens Caylee Rishor-Olney
Pro-Am Liz Hockens Caylee Rishor-Olney
Pro-Am Vicki Gray Larry Kling
Pro-Am Travis Wallace Aj russell
Pro-Am Robin Sak Doneva
Pro-Am Doneva Brown Robin Sak
Pro-Am Doneva Brown Haley Brown
Pro-Am Doneva Brown Jill Fargher
Pro-Am Dan jorgensen Robin Sak
Pro-Am LeAnne Wolf Jamie Schumacher
Pro-Am Mike Lofton Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Am Dave Eatmon Ernie Hockens
Pro-Am Kristi Nelson Hilary Gonia
Pro-Am Kristi Nelson Kirsten Kalchbrenner
Pro-Am Monika Chandler Travis Moore
Pro-Am Larry Hauver Jay Cartmell
Pro-Am LeAnne Wolf John Borkholder
Pro-Am LeAnne Wolf Tim Larson
Pro-Am Larry Wolf Tim Larson
Pro-Am Hilary Gonia Art Aske
Pro-Am Debby Easterson A.J. Russell
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Craig Baar
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Robert Bouffard
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Shad Morey
Pro-Am Debby Easterson Fred Young
Pro-Am Kelley Irwin Jane Bouchey
Pro-Am karen Veltman Larry Kling
Pro-Am Desiree Pierpoint Kelley Irwin
Pro-Am Diane Davis Denis Fast
Pro-Am Diane Davis Jay Cartmell
Pro-Am Diane Davis Dan Jorgenson
Pro-Am Jay Cartmell Lisa Fast
Pro-Am Jay Cartmell Matt Vachon
Pro-Am Barry Nelson Kirsten Kalchbrenner
    Pro-Nov - 123 Teams
Pro-Nov Wendy Clapp Cindy Redding
Pro-Nov Wendy Clapp Andrea Cartmell
Pro-Nov Melissa Brady Mark Brady
Pro-Nov Melissa Brady Laura Antony
Pro-Nov Melissa Brady Devin Antony
Pro-Nov Melissa Brady Tracey Bechtholdt
Pro-Nov Melissa Brady Craig Baar
Pro-Nov Mark Brady Sharmi Van Belle
Pro-Nov Mark Brady Lyn Sak
Pro-Nov Mark Brady Ann Holgerson
Pro-Nov Mark Brady AG Garrison
Pro-Nov Kevin Dunham Amber Dethlefs
Pro-Nov Karen Veltman Amber Dethlefs
Pro-Nov Kip Veltman Jenny LaFrenier
Pro-Nov Roger Braa Rory Calhoon
Pro-Nov Karen Veltman Jenny LaFrenier
Pro-Nov Shad Morey Dawn Welch
Pro-Nov Jay Cartmell Jenny LaFrenier
Pro-Nov Beth Rishor Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Nov Cayley Rishor-Olney Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Nov Kelley Irwin Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Nov Mike Loftin Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Nov Clinton Carl Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Nov Kip Veltman Amber Dethlefs
Pro-Nov Amelia Haller Bobbie Eatmon
Pro-Nov Delilah Haller Amelia Haller
Pro-Nov Delilah Haller Clinton Carl
Pro-Nov Delilah Haller Dave Eatmon
Pro-Nov Jim Adderson Jeff Storey
Pro-Nov Ajanna Russell Jeff Storey
Pro-Nov Andrea Cartmell Jennifer Coleman
Pro-Nov Andrea Cartmell Chania Vachon
Pro-Nov Clinton Carl AG Garrison
Pro-Nov Clinton Carl Erika Jonson
Pro-Nov Teresa Long Kate Ketcham
Pro-Nov Amelia Haller Erika Jonson
Pro-Nov Shelby Hurley Jeff Storey
Pro-Nov Denis Fast Amber Dethlefs
Pro-Nov Craig Baar Ann Holgerson
Pro-Nov Roger Braa Ann Holgerson
Pro-Nov Ajanna Russell Suzy Severson
Pro-Nov Laura Antony Kate Ketcham
Pro-Nov Laura Antony Erika Jonson
Pro-Nov Laura Antony Delilah Haller
Pro-Nov Devin Antony Erika Jonson
Pro-Nov Devin Antony Delilah Haller
Pro-Nov Devin Antony Kate Ketcham
Pro-Nov Laura Antony Bailey Drabek
Pro-Nov Devin Antony Bailey Drabek
Pro-Nov Josie Bundy Billy moore
Pro-Nov Karen Edwards Shad Morey
Pro-Nov Mackenzie Morey Shad Morey
Pro-Nov Mackenzie Morey Craig Baar
Pro-Nov Fred Young Dawn Welch
Pro-Nov Karen Edwards Andrea Cartmell
Pro-Nov Karen Edwards Roger Braa
Pro-Nov Kevin Dunham Payten Creecy
Pro-Nov Jodi Braa Ann Holgerson
Pro-Nov Mike Loftin Ann Holgerson
Pro-Nov Shelby Hurley Aj Metheny
Pro-Nov Donna Cox Melissa Brady
Pro-Nov Robert Bouffard Jeff Storey
Pro-Nov John Borkholder Shannon Haley
Pro-Nov Neva Borkholder Kirsten Kalchbrenner
Pro-Nov Neva Borkholder Mike Lofton
Pro-Nov Neva Borkholder Dave Eatmon
Pro-Nov Neva Borkholder Roger Braa
Pro-Nov Craig Baar Dawn welch
Pro-Nov Kelley irwin AG Garrison
Pro-Nov Mike Loftin Amber Dethlefs
Pro-Nov Kelley Irwin Erika Jonson
Pro-Nov Bailey Drabek Craig Baar
Pro-Nov Bailey Drabek Kelley Irwin
Pro-Nov John Borkholder Neva Borkholder
Pro-Nov John Borkholder Bobbie Eatmon
Pro-Nov Carly Moore Beth Rishor
Pro-Nov Carly Moore Cayley Rishor-Olney
Pro-Nov Beth Rishor Billy Moore
Pro-Nov Beth Rishor Travis Moore
Pro-Nov Cayley Rishor-Olney Billy Moore
Pro-Nov Cayley Rishor-Olney Travis Moore
Pro-Nov Julianne Hinkle Darrell Winters
Pro-Nov James Hinkle Darrell Winters
Pro-Nov Roger Braa Jeff Storey
Pro-Nov Wendy Clapp Shelby Hurley
Pro-Nov Keri Larson Doneva Vest
Pro-Nov Christian Piccini
Pro-Nov Christian Piccini
Pro-Nov Christian Piccini
Pro-Nov Christian Piccini
Pro-Nov Christian Piccini
Pro-Nov Lee Piccini
Pro-Nov Laura Antony
Pro-Nov Lee Piccini
Pro-Nov Lee Piccini
Pro-Nov Lee Piccini
Pro-Nov Lee Piccini
Pro-Nov Kevin Dunham Yolanda Vachon
Pro-Nov AJ Russell Lee Piccini
Pro-Nov AJ Russell Diane Hickox
Pro-Nov Doneva Brown Yolanda Vachon
Pro-Nov Denis Fast Yolanda Vachon
Pro-Nov Paula Jefferson Shannon Ternes
Pro-Nov Doneva Brown Dakota Beck
Pro-Nov jay Cartmell a j metheny
Pro-Nov Andrea Cartmell Jenny Wells
Pro-Nov Denis Fast Aran Shelley
Pro-Nov Denis Fast Heather Shelley
Pro-Nov Sue Branch Cayley Rishor-Olney
Pro-Nov Bailey Drabek Darrell Winters
Pro-Nov jay Cartmell jason oritis
Pro-Nov Fred Young Yolanda Vachon
Pro-Nov Bobbie Eatmon Dave Eatmon
Pro-Nov Shannon Ternes Cindy Redding
Pro-Nov Kip Veltman Carly Moore
Pro-Nov Kip Veltman Billy Moore
Pro-Nov karen Veltman Rory Calhoon
Pro-Nov karen Veltman Carly Moore
Pro-Nov karen Veltman Billy Moore
Pro-Nov Kip Veltman Rory Calhoon
Pro-Nov Desiree Pierpoint Fred Young
Pro-Nov Desiree Pierpoint Robert Bouffard
Pro-Nov Jay Cartmell Jenny Wells
    Amateur - 117 Teams
Amateur John Bartheld Tara Kimbrough
Amateur John Bartheld Shelby Jones
Amateur Jamie Shumaker Bill Grimmett
Amateur Tara kimbrough Lisa Fast
Amateur Tara kimbrough Shelly Deboer
Amateur Tara Kimbrough Delynn Erickson
Amateur Kit cartmell Pam bright
Amateur Kit cartmell Tara Kimbrough
Amateur Kit cartmell Monk Lundberg
Amateur Kit cartmell Lisa fast
Amateur Larry Hauver Ron Davis
Amateur Janie Bouchey Ron Davis
Amateur Amelia Haller Dave Eatmon
Amateur Amelia Haller Connie Hauver
Amateur Amelia Haller Pam Bright
Amateur Amelia Haller Rae Ann Jonson
Amateur Pam Bright Bill Jones
Amateur Pam Bright Larry Hauver
Amateur Shelly DeBoer Delynn Erickson
Amateur Hilary Gonia Jon Murphy
Amateur Hilary Gonia Bill Grimmett
Amateur Larry Kling Marvin Bright
Amateur Debby Easterson Dave Eatmon
Amateur Hilary Gonia Shelby Jones
Amateur Hilary Gonia Heather Anderson
Amateur Hilary Gonia DeLynn Erickson
Amateur Shelly DeBoer Kit Cartmell
Amateur Connie Hauver Larry Hauver
Amateur Connie Hauver Ron Davis
Amateur Larry Hauver Marvin Bright
Amateur Monika Chandler Payten Creecy
Amateur Barb Deaton Shelby Jones
Amateur Barb Deaton Jon Murphy
Amateur Barb Deaton Willy Patterson
Amateur Barb Deaton Shelly DeBoer
Amateur DeLynn Erickson TBA
Amateur DeLynn Erickson Willy Patterson
Amateur Penny Aske Travis Wallace
Amateur Penny Aske Pat Long
Amateur Penny Aske Jamie Shumaker
Amateur Penny Aske Bill Grimmet
Amateur Penny Aske Heather Anderson
Amateur William Patterson DONNA COX
Amateur William Patterson DeLynn Erickson
Amateur William Patterson TARA MOORE
Amateur William Patterson Aaron Shields
Amateur Heather Anderson Bill Grimmett
Amateur Bill Grimmett Wendy heddrick
Amateur Bill Grimmett Kayla letourneau
Amateur Heather Anderson Kayla letourneau
Amateur Heather Anderson Wendy heddrick
Amateur John Bartheld Rae Ann Jonson
Amateur Monk Lundberg Rae Ann Jonson
Amateur Rachel Cameron Nicole Worley
Amateur Lisa Fast Rae Ann Jonson
Amateur Bobbie Eatmon Barry Nelson
Amateur Tara Moore Willy Patterson
Amateur Wes Cannon Monika Chandler
Amateur Tara Moore John Bartheld
Amateur Wes Cannon Corinne Morris-Dimick
Amateur Donna Cox Tara Moore
Amateur Donna Cox Aaron Shields
Amateur Ernie Hockens Liz Hockes
Amateur Liz Hockens Janey Bouchey
Amateur Liz Hockens Robin Sak
Amateur Ernie Hockens Janey Bouchey
Amateur Ernie Hockens John Bartheld
Amateur Ernie Hockens Robin Sak
Amateur Marvin Bright Jane Bouchey
Amateur Kayring Delikat Kristi Nelson
Amateur Kayring Delikat Barry Nelson
Amateur John Borkholder Dave Eatmon
Amateur John Borkholder Neva Borkholder
Amateur John Borkholder Bobbie Eatmon
Amateur Neva Borkholder Bobbie Eatmon
Amateur Wendy Heddrick Kayla LeTourneau
Amateur Wendy Heddrick Doug Wallace
Amateur Wendy Heddrick Bill Grimmett
Amateur Diane Davis Janie Bouchey
Amateur Tara Moore Keicia Adams
Amateur Kayring Delikat Corrine Dimick
Amateur Kecia Adams Aaron Shields
Amateur Kecia Adams Dede Peterson
Amateur Kecia Adams Pete Peterson
Amateur Barry Nelson Kristi Nelson
Amateur Barry Nelson Jamie Schumaker
Amateur Liz Hockens Laurie Ward
Amateur Pam Bright Larry Kling
Amateur Ron Davis Bill Jones
Amateur Larry Hauver Monk Lundberg
Amateur Jamie Shumaker Debbie Easterson
Amateur Travis Wallace Doug Wallace
Amateur Lisa Fast Larry Kling
Amateur Travis wallace Heather anderson
Amateur Doug Wallace Heather Anderson
Amateur Travis Wallace Bill grimmett
Amateur Doug Wallace Bill grimmett
Amateur Robin Sak Lori ward
Amateur Robin Sak Jill Fargher
Amateur Danielle Hunsacker Monk lundberg
Amateur Ernie Hockens Pat Long
Amateur Justin Hauver Carson Hauver
Amateur Liz Hockens Pat Long
Amateur Tara Moore Barry Nelson
Amateur Dave Eatmon Kristi Nelson
Amateur Jamie Shumaker Kristi Nelson
Amateur Ernie Hockens Larry Kling
Amateur Marv Bright Bill Jones
Amateur Diane Davis Sue Myra
Amateur Debby Easterson Diane Davis
Amateur Debby Easterson Doug Wallace
Amateur Debby Easterson Barb Deaton
Amateur Connie Hauver Larry Kling
Amateur Bobbie Eatmon Dave Eatmon
Amateur Ron Davis Desiree Pierpoint
Amateur Diane Davis Lisa Fast
Amateur Diane Davis Connie Hauver
    Am-Nov - 157 Teams
Am-Nov Wendy Clapp Shelby Hurley
Am-Nov Wendy Clapp Bobbi Manuel
Am-Nov Wendy Clapp Diane Davis
Am-Nov Wendy Clapp Devra Lewis
Am-Nov Tara kimbrough Desiree Pierpoint
Am-Nov Kit cartmell Jenny wells
Am-Nov Shelby Hurley Aj Metheny
Am-Nov Shelby Hurley Adrian Garrison
Am-Nov Shelby Hurley Rae Ann Jonson
Am-Nov Shelby Hurley Erika Jonson
Am-Nov Kayring Delikat Amber Dethlefs
Am-Nov Ron Davis Jenny LaFrenier
Am-Nov Barb Deaton Jenny LaFrenier
Am-Nov Willy Patterson Jenny LaFrenier
Am-Nov Devra Lewis Bobi Manual
Am-Nov Devra Lewis Jane Bouchey
Am-Nov Yolanda Vachon Ron Davis
Am-Nov Jess Uqhart Ron Davis
Am-Nov Shari Vanbelle Ron Davis
Am-Nov Devra Lewis Jenny LaFrenier
Am-Nov Amber Dethlefs Corinne Dimick
Am-Nov Monica Chandler Amber Dethlefs
Am-Nov Amelia Haller Bobbie Eatmon
Am-Nov Amelia Haller Kate Ketcham
Am-Nov Delilah Haller Bobbie Eatmon
Am-Nov Delilah Haller Amelia Haller
Am-Nov Delilah Haller Kate Ketcham
Am-Nov Delilah Haller Dave Eatmon
Am-Nov Pam Bright Jenny Wells
Am-Nov Pam Bright Shannon Ternes
Am-Nov Pam Bright Carson Hauver
Am-Nov Pam Bright Jason Ortiz
Am-Nov Amelia Haller Rory Calhoon
Am-Nov Amelia Haller Jason Ortiz
Am-Nov Shelly DeBoer Rory Calhoon
Am-Nov Lisa Fast Amber Dethlefs
Am-Nov Donna Cox Ann Holgerson
Am-Nov Bill Jones AJ Matheney
Am-Nov Lyn Sak Monika Chandler
Am-Nov Lyn Sak Corrine Morris-Dimmick
Am-Nov Josie Bundy Billy moore
Am-Nov Josie Bundy Monika Yost Chandler
Am-Nov Barb Deaton Dawn Welch
Am-Nov Karen Edwards Aaron Shields
Am-Nov Karen Edwards Kit Cartmell
Am-Nov DeLynn Erickson Sharmi Van Belle
Am-Nov DeLynn Erickson Karen Edwards
Am-Nov DeLynn Erickson TBA
Am-Nov DeLynn Erickson
Am-Nov DeLynn Erickson Devra Lewis
Am-Nov Karen Edwards Tara Moore
Am-Nov Rachel Cameron Nicole Worley
Am-Nov Connie Hauver Julianne Hinkle
Am-Nov Lee Piccini
Am-Nov Shelly Deboer A.G. Garrison
Am-Nov Willy Patterson Ann Holgerson
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Rory Calhoon
Am-Nov Ann Holgerson Tara Moore
Am-Nov Julianne Hinkle Marvin Bright
Am-Nov Lee Piccini
Am-Nov Tara Moore Maisun Shields
Am-Nov Tara Moore Kent Dinelt
Am-Nov Donna Cox Bailey Drabek
Am-Nov William Patterson bailey drabek
Am-Nov William Patterson AG Garrison
Am-Nov William Patterson mackenzie morey
Am-Nov Melissa Brady Diane Davis
Am-Nov Ernie Hockens Shannon Haley
Am-Nov Liz Hockens Shannon Haley
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Shannon Ternes
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Jenny Wells
Am-Nov John Borkholder Neva Borkholder
Am-Nov John Borkholder Bobbie Eatmon
Am-Nov John Borkholder Shannon Haley
Am-Nov John Borkholder Dan Mally
Am-Nov Neva Borkholder Dave Eatmon
Am-Nov Neva Borkholder Bobbie Eatmon
Am-Nov Melissa Brady Laurie Ward
Am-Nov Barb Deaton Rebecca Dotson-Boley
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Lyn Sak
Am-Nov Melissa Brady Donna Cox
Am-Nov Lyn Sak Wes Cannon
Am-Nov Tara Moore Bailey Drabek
Am-Nov Bailey Drabek Tara Kimbrough
Am-Nov Bobbi Manuel Janey Bouchey
Am-Nov Shannon Tierrnes Janey Bouchey
Am-Nov Kerry Larsen Janey Bouchey
Am-Nov Pam Bright Rory Calhoon
Am-Nov Marv Bright Rory Calhoon
Am-Nov Tara Kimbrough Rory Calhoon
Am-Nov Lee Piccini
Am-Nov Lee Piccini
Am-Nov Lee Piccini
Am-Nov Travis Wallace Jeff Storey
Am-Nov Keri Larson Monk Lundberg
Am-Nov Keri Larson Lisa Fast
Am-Nov Billy Moore Payten Creecy
Am-Nov Larry Hauver A J Metheny
Am-Nov AJ Matheny Aaron shields
Am-Nov Larry Hauver James Hinkle
Am-Nov Christian Piccini
Am-Nov Christian Piccini
Am-Nov Christian Piccini
Am-Nov Christian Piccini
Am-Nov Christian Piccini
Am-Nov Bill Jones AJ Matheney
Am-Nov Janey Bouchey Chania Vachon
Am-Nov Travis Wallace Suzy severson
Am-Nov Lisa Fast Heather Shelley
Am-Nov Lisa Fast Jason Ortiz
Am-Nov Laurie ward Paula Jefferson
Am-Nov Diane Hickox Doug Wallace
Am-Nov Haley Brown Dakota Beck
Am-Nov Dani hunsacker Sharmi pond
Am-Nov Dan Hunsaker Yolanda Vashon
Am-Nov Travis Moore Wes Cannon
Am-Nov Justin Hauver Carson Hauver
Am-Nov Bobi Manuel Jess Urqhart
Am-Nov Aaron Shields Maisun shields
Am-Nov Dan Hunsaker Yolanda Vachon
Am-Nov Diane Hickox Barb deaton
Am-Nov Neva Borkholder Kristi Nelson
Am-Nov Neva Borkholder Barry Nelson
Am-Nov Bill Jones Dawn Welch
Am-Nov Shannon Ternes Bill Jones
Am-Nov Ernie Hockens Sharmi Vanbelle
Am-Nov Liz Hockens Sharmi Vanbelle
Am-Nov Carly Moore Corinne Dimick
Am-Nov Travis Moore Corinne Dimick
Am-Nov Billy Moore Corinne Dimick
Am-Nov Kristi Nelson Carmela Romerio
Am-Nov Barry Nelson Carmela Romerio
Am-Nov Liz Hockens Delilah Haller
Am-Nov Ernie Hockens Travis Moore
Am-Nov Ernie Hockens Carly Moore
Am-Nov Liz Hockens Travis Moore
Am-Nov Liz Hockens Billy Moore
Am-Nov Monk Lundberg
Am-Nov Monk Lundberg
Am-Nov Monk Lundberg
Am-Nov Mackenzie Morey kayring Delikat
Am-Nov Lyn Sak Robin Sak
Am-Nov Ron Davis Chania Vachon
Am-Nov Larry Hauver Carson Hauver
Am-Nov Connie Hauver Carson Hauver
Am-Nov Hilary Gonia Melissa Brady
Am-Nov Bobbie Eatmon Dave Eatmon
Am-Nov Connie Hauver Aran Shelly
Am-Nov Connie Hauver Heather Shelly
Am-Nov Shannon Ternes Jane Bouchey
Am-Nov Desiree Pierpoint Bailey Drebeck
Am-Nov Desiree Pierpoint Miranda Perry
Am-Nov Diane Davis Keri Larson
Am-Nov Diane Davis Jenny Wells
Am-Nov Doug Wallace Suzy Severson
Am-Nov Kent Dinelt Shelly DeBoer
Am-Nov Lisa Fast Yolanda Vachon
    Novice - 118 Teams
Novice Wendy Clapp Jennifer Coleman
Novice Wendy Clapp Diann Monroe
Novice Wendy Clapp Sean Walton
Novice Wendy Clapp Sue Branch
Novice Wendy Clapp Sharmi VanBelle
Novice Melissa Brady Sharmi Van Belle
Novice Melissa Brady Ann Holgerson
Novice Melissa Brady Devra Lewis
Novice Melissa Brady Bobi Manuel
Novice Melissa Brady Lyn Sak
Novice Tim Coleman Jen Coleman
Novice Tim Coleman Jeff Storey
Novice Sean Walton Sue Branch
Novice Jenny laFrenier Amber Dethlefs
Novice Dawn welch Amber Dethlefs
Novice Rory Calhoon Jenny LaFrenier
Novice Adrienne Garrison Jenny LaFrenier
Novice Erika Jonson Jenny LaFrenier
Novice Devra Lewis Bobi Manual
Novice Devra Lewis Keri Larson
Novice Bobi Manual Keri Larson
Novice Devra Lewis Sue Branch
Novice Rae Ann Jonson Jenny LaFrenier
Novice Sean Walton Rachel Cameron
Novice Sean Walton Nicole Worley
Novice Sean Walton Delbert Reynolds
Novice Rae Ann Jonson A.G. Garrison
Novice Delilah Haller Kate Ketcham
Novice Delilah Haller Bobbie Eatmon
Novice Sue Branch Keri Larson
Novice Sue Branch Shannon Ternes
Novice Carly Moore Amber Dethlefs
Novice Jeff Storey Robbie Jacobs
Novice Amy Birchall Suzy Severson
Novice Suzy Severson Chris Severson
Novice Josie Bundy Billy moore
Novice Josie Bundy Payten Creecy
Novice Ann Holgerson Karen Edwards
Novice Josie Bundy Carly Moore
Novice Josie Bundy Travis Moore
Novice Mackenzie Morey Karen Edwards
Novice Karen Edwards Rebecca Dotson
Novice Rachel Cameron Sharmi Van Belle
Novice Nicole Worley Sharmi Van Belle
Novice Karen Edwards Maisun Shields
Novice Rachel Cameron Nicole Worley
Novice Lee Piccini Ann Holgerson
Novice Lee Piccini Jess Urquhart
Novice Rae Ann Jonson Delilah Haller
Novice Rae Ann Jonson Kate Ketcham
Novice A.G. Garrison Erika Jonson
Novice Amy Birchall Chris Severson
Novice A.G. Garrison Dawn Welch
Novice Delilah Haller Erika Jonson
Novice Rory Calhoon Erika Jonson
Novice Ann Holgerson Maisun Shields
Novice Julianne Hinkle James Hinkle
Novice Lee Piccini Bobi Manuel
Novice Julianne Hinkle Carson Hauver
Novice Neva Borkholder Bobbie Eatmon
Novice Neva Borkholder Shannon Haley
Novice Neva Borkholder Dan Mally
Novice Neva Borkholder Jenny Wells
Novice Jeff Storey Jennifer Coleman
Novice Tim Coleman Shannon Clark Temnes
Novice Rae Ann Ann Jonson Heather Calhoon
Novice Rory Calhoon Amber Dethlefs
Novice Rebecca Dotson-Boley MacKenzie Morey
Novice Mackenzie Morey Dawn Welch
Novice Josie Bundy Maisun Shields
Novice Lee Piccini Christian Piccini
Novice Amy Birchall Amber Dethlefs
Novice Rory Calhoon AJ Metheny
Novice Rory Calhoon Shannon Ternes
Novice A.G. Garrison Bailey Drabek
Novice Christian Piccini Jess Urquhart
Novice Billy Moore Payten Creecy
Novice Bailey Drabek Payten Creecy
Novice Chris Severson Diane Hickox
Novice Delbert Reynolds Nicole Worley
Novice Jennifer Coleman Jess Urquhart
Novice Delbert Reynolds Rachel Cameron
Novice Diane Hickox Suzy severson
Novice Bobi Manuel Jess Urqhart
Novice Bobbi Manuel Jess Urquhart
Novice Jen Coleman Kent Dinelt
Novice Carly Moore Travis Moore
Novice Carly Moore Billy Moore
Novice Billy Moore Travis Moore
Novice Jeff Storey Jess Urquhart
Novice Karen Edwards Amy Birchall
Novice Tim Coleman AJ Metheny
Novice Heather Calhoon Erika Jonson
Novice Delilah Haller Heather Calhoon
Novice Bert Reynolds Jeff Storey
Novice Dawn Welch Kent Dinelt
Novice Kate Ketcham Miranda Perry
Novice Kate Ketcham Heather Calhoon
Novice Shannon Ternes Devra Lewis
Novice Shannon Ternes Tim Coleman
Novice Jess Urquhart Desiree Pierpoint
Novice Shannon Ternes Julianne Hinkle
Novice Desiree Pierpoint
Novice Desiree Pierpoint Rebecca Dotson
Novice Desiree Pierpoint AJ Metheny
Novice Desiree Pierpoint Kent Dinelt
Novice Desiree Pierpoint Bailey Drebeck
Novice Miranda Perry Maisun Shields
Novice Miranda Perry Kate Ketchum
Novice Diane Davis Jenny Wells
Novice Tim Coleman Kent Dinelt
Novice Bailey Drabek Kent Dinelt
Novice Yolanda Vachon Chania Vachon
Novice Chania Vachon Jason Ortiz
Novice Yolanda Vachon Sharmi Van Belle
Novice Chania Vachon Jess Urquhart
Novice Yolanda Vachon AJ Metheny
Novice Chania Vachon AJ Metheny
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