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    Open - 74 Teams
Open Erin Hill TJ Heywood
Open Liz Baremore Barry Baremore
Open Liz Baremore Beth Rishor
Open Liz Baremore Cayley Rishor
Open Barry Baremore Beth Rishor
Open Barry Baremore Cayley Rishor
Open Beth Rishor Cayley Rishor
Open Beth Rishor Erin Hill
Open Cayley Rishor Erin Hill
Open Cindy Redding Teresa Long
Open Cindy Redding Larry Hauver
Open Jason Robinson Desiree Lagere
Open Denis Fast TJ Heywood
Open Desiree Legare Roger Braa
Open Marty Schmidt Desiree Legare
Open Darlene Schmidt Desiree Legare
Open Gary Talley Barb Nelson
Open Barb Nelson Teresa Long
Open Tara Moore Duane DeChaux
Open Tara Moore Christine Gawthorne
Open Denis Fast Jay Cartmel
Open LeAnne Wolf Liz Baremore
Open LeAnne Wolf Barry Baremore
Open LeAnne Wolf Jerry Johnson
Open LeAnne Wolf An Johnson
Open LeAnne Wolf Beth Rishor
Open Larry Wolf Liz Baremore
Open Larry Wolf Barry Baremore
Open Larry Wolf Jerry Johnson
Open Larry Wolf An Johnson
Open Larry Wolf Cayley Rishor
Open Jay Cartmell T J Haywood
Open Jay Cartmell Tersa Long
Open Jay Cartmell John Ludwick
Open An Johnson Jerry Johnson
Open An Johnson Melinda Miller
Open An Johnson Erin Hill
Open Jerry Johnson Melinda Miller
Open Jerry Johnson Erin Hill
Open Sabrina Engel Gary Talley
Open Sabrina Engel Karen Veltman
Open Sabrina Engel Kip Veltman
Open Sabrina Engel Kristi Beeson
Open Melinda Miller Denis Fast
Open Tucker Braa Roger Braa
Open Linda Reed Duane DeChaux
Open Linda Reed Gary Talley
Open TJ Heywood Desiree Legare
Open Denis Fast John Ludwick
Open John Schieche Tucker Braa
Open John Schieche Jeff Hills
Open John Schieche Jodi Braa
Open John Schieche Darrell Winters
Open Cindy Redding Darrell Winters
Open Tucker Braa Jeff Hills
Open Larry Glazier Gary Talley
Open Larry Glazier Marty Schmid
Open Larry Glazier Darlene Schmid
Open Larry Glazier Darrell Winters
Open Shad Morey Roger Braa
Open Teresa Long Darrel Winter
Open Kristi Beeson Roger Bras
Open Kristi Beeson Karen Veltman
Open Kristi Beeson Kip Veltman
Open pat Long teresa long
Open Larry hauver Larry Glazier
Open Karen Veltman Kip Veltman
Open Karen Veltman roger Braa
Open Karen Veltman jodi Braa
Open Kip Veltman r
Open Kip Veltman sabrina Engle
Open Kip Veltman jodi Braa
Open Sabrina Engel Sheri Archambeault
    Pro-Am - 137 Teams
Pro-Am TJ Heywood Desiree Legere
Pro-Am Larry Hauver Darrell Winters
Pro-Am Larry Hauver Connie Hauver
Pro-Am Larry Hauver Marv Bright
Pro-Am Connie Hauver John Schieche
Pro-Am Connie Hauver Kelley Irwin
Pro-Am Connie Hauver Darrell Winters
Pro-Am Connie Hauver LeAnne Wolf
Pro-Am TJ Heywood Tara Moore
Pro-Am Pat Long TJ Heywood
Pro-Am Liz Baremore Jessica Martinez
Pro-Am Liz Baremore Becki Hamann
Pro-Am Barry Baremore Jessica Martinez
Pro-Am Barry Baremore Becki Hamann
Pro-Am Liz Baremore Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Barry Baremore Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Beth Rishor Becki Hamann
Pro-Am Beth Rishor Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Cayley Rishor Becki Hamann
Pro-Am Cayley Rishor Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Beth Rishor Jill Fargher
Pro-Am Cayley Rishor Jill Fargher
Pro-Am Cayley Rishor Debby Easterson
Pro-Am Mark brady Jeff hills
Pro-Am Mark brady Robbie hills
Pro-Am Tracey bechtholdt Jeff hills
Pro-Am Tracey bechtholdt Robbie hills
Pro-Am Cindy Redding Pat Long
Pro-Am Cindy Redding Jane Bouchey
Pro-Am Pam Bright Darrell Winters
Pro-Am Pam Bright LeAnn Wolf
Pro-Am Pam Bright Beth Rishor
Pro-Am Pam Bright Larry Wolf
Pro-Am Pam Bright Jim Adderson
Pro-Am Marvin Bright Roger Braa
Pro-Am Marvin Bright Darrell Winters
Pro-Am Cindy Redding Sue Myra
Pro-Am April Yancey Christine Gawthorn
Pro-Am April Yancey Willy Patterson
Pro-Am Denis Fast Dede Peterson
Pro-Am Desiree Legare Roger Braa
Pro-Am Dede Peterson Erin Hill
Pro-Am Dede Peterson John Ludwick
Pro-Am Pete Peterson John Ludwick
Pro-Am Lorie Banuchi Donna Cox
Pro-Am Tara Moore Tucker Braa
Pro-Am Tara Moore Beth Rishor
Pro-Am Tara Moore Caley Rishor
Pro-Am Tara Moore
Pro-Am Tara Moore Liz Barrymore
Pro-Am Tara Moore Larry Wolf
Pro-Am Vicki Gray Kip Veltman
Pro-Am Vicki Gray Karen Veltman
Pro-Am Vicki Gray Barry Barrymore
Pro-Am Vicki Gray Jim Adderson
Pro-Am Vicki Gray Erin Hill
Pro-Am Wily patterson RogerBraa
Pro-Am Jason Robinson Kelley Irwin
Pro-Am Jason Robinson Larry Wolf
Pro-Am Jason Robinson LeAnne Wolf
Pro-Am Jason Robinson Liz Barremore
Pro-Am Jason Robinson Barry Baremore
Pro-Am Denis Fast Lisa Fast
Pro-Am Lisa Fast TJ Heywood
Pro-Am Josie Coughlin TJ Heywood
Pro-Am April Yancey Deb Goetsch
Pro-Am Jim Adderson Elaine Olson
Pro-Am Jay Cartmell Lisa Fast
Pro-Am Jay Cartmell Diane Davis
Pro-Am Jay Cartmell Larry Hauver
Pro-Am Jay Cartmell pat long
Pro-Am Cheryl Tostenrude Kevin Dunham
Pro-Am Cheryl Tostenrude
Pro-Am Cheryl Tostenrude Linda Reed
Pro-Am Cheryl Tostenrude Jim Schak
Pro-Am Cheryl Tostenrude Duane Dechaux
Pro-Am Denis Fast Diane Davis
Pro-Am Jim Schak Diane Davis
Pro-Am Marvin Bright John Ludwick
Pro-Am Wily patterson Tucker Braa
Pro-Am Linda Reed Debby Easterson
Pro-Am Linda Reed Tracy Bechtoldt
Pro-Am Vickie Andrew Shaari King
Pro-Am Shaari King Laurie Ward
Pro-Am An Johnson Mark Brady
Pro-Am Jerry Johnson Mark Brady
Pro-Am Erin Hill Mark Brady
Pro-Am Jon Murphy Jim Schak
Pro-Am Jon Murphy Roger Braa
Pro-Am TJ Heywood Desiree Legare
Pro-Am Jodi Braa Desiree Legare
Pro-Am Erin Hill Desiree Legare
Pro-Am Lisa Fast Jay Cartmel
Pro-Am Denis Fast Kayring Delikat
Pro-Am Lisa Fast John Ludwick
Pro-Am Denis Fast Craig Baar
Pro-Am Jon Murphy Jim Adderson
Pro-Am Craig Baar Roger Braa
Pro-Am Craig Baar Kristi Beason
Pro-Am Craig Baar Jodi Braa
Pro-Am Craig Baar Tucker Braa
Pro-Am Jay Cartmell Jane Bouchey
Pro-Am diane davis Larry Hauver
Pro-Am Jim Schak
Pro-Am Jim Schak Brad Cummings
Pro-Am John Schieche Janey Bouchey
Pro-Am John Schieche Bev Schieche
Pro-Am John Schieche Jane Bouchey
Pro-Am Larry Wolf Jessica Martinez
Pro-Am Larry Wolf John Bartheld
Pro-Am LeAnne Wolf Jessica Martinez
Pro-Am LeAnne Wolf John Bartheld
Pro-Am Kelley Irwin tracy beckholt
Pro-Am 715230 68769
Pro-Am John Murphy Desiree Legare
Pro-Am Tucker Braa Desiree Legare
Pro-Am Larry Glazier Justin Hauver
Pro-Am Shad morey Kip Veltman
Pro-Am Shad morey Karen Veltman
Pro-Am Shad morey Kristi Beeson
Pro-Am Shad morey Sabrina Engel
Pro-Am Roger Braa
Pro-Am pat Long teresa long
Pro-Am Teresa Long jane bouchey
Pro-Am Teresa Long connie martinez
Pro-Am Teresa Long jess martinez
Pro-Am Linda Reed Christine Gawthorn
Pro-Am Kristi Beeson John Bartheld
Pro-Am Josie Coughlin An Johnson
Pro-Am Josie Coughlin Jerry Johnson
Pro-Am Kip Veltman craig Barr
Pro-Am Kip Veltman Sherri A.
Pro-Am Karen Veltman shad Moray
Pro-Am Karen Veltman Sherri A.
Pro-Am Karen Veltman craig Barr
Pro-Am Kip Veltman shad Moray
Pro-Am Willy patterson Roger braa
    Pro-Nov - 92 Teams
Pro-Nov Amanda Beacock Karen Veltman
Pro-Nov Amanda Beacock Kip Veltman
Pro-Nov Amanda Beacock Jim Schak
Pro-Nov Pam Bright Vonda lee Hight
Pro-Nov Pam Bright Carl Conroy
Pro-Nov Jeff Beacock Jim Adderson
Pro-Nov Amanda Beacock Jim Adderson
Pro-Nov Shelby Hurley Kevin Dunham
Pro-Nov Rae Ann Jonson Barry Baremore
Pro-Nov Rae Ann Jonson Beth Rishor
Pro-Nov Rae Ann Jonson Cayley Rishor
Pro-Nov Lorie Banuchi Jim Schak
Pro-Nov Lorie Banuchi Jim Adderson
Pro-Nov Roger Braa Aaron Krause
Pro-Nov Marty Schmidt Aaron Krause
Pro-Nov Darlene Schmidt Aaron Krause
Pro-Nov Pete Peterson Erin Hill
Pro-Nov Pete Peterson John Ludwick
Pro-Nov DeLynn Erickson Kevin Dunham
Pro-Nov DeLynn Erickson Roger Braa
Pro-Nov DeLynn Erickson An Johnson
Pro-Nov Hilary Gonia Kelly Irwin
Pro-Nov Hilary Gonia Jim Schak
Pro-Nov Denis Fast Pete Peterson
Pro-Nov Kelley Irwin Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Nov Liz Baremore Rae Ann Jonson
Pro-Nov Jim Adderson Barb Deaton
Pro-Nov Jim Adderson Dave Olson
Pro-Nov Erin Hill Tom leite
Pro-Nov Larry wolf Tom Leite
Pro-Nov Desiree Legare Aaron Krause
Pro-Nov An johnson Lynn Cummings
Pro-Nov Cayley Rishor Shannon Clark Ternes
Pro-Nov Sabrina Engel
Pro-Nov Sabrina Engel Barb Deaton
Pro-Nov Jay Cartmell Lynn Cummings
Pro-Nov Jay Cartmell Vondlee Hight
Pro-Nov Marvin Bright Tucker Braa
Pro-Nov Tucker Braa Tom leite
Pro-Nov Shelby Jones Jim Schak
Pro-Nov Shelby Jones Roger Braa
Pro-Nov Shelby Jones Kip Veltman
Pro-Nov Jeff Beacock Roger Braa
Pro-Nov Jeff Beacock Jim Schak
Pro-Nov Jeff Beacock Kip Veltman
Pro-Nov Jeff Beacock Karen Keltman
Pro-Nov Jerry Johnson Lynn Cummings
Pro-Nov Denis Fast Vondalee Hight
Pro-Nov Denis Fast Rachel Baar
Pro-Nov Shelby Jones Jim Adderson
Pro-Nov Shelby Hurley Desiree Legare
Pro-Nov Rachel Baar Roger Braa
Pro-Nov Rachel Baar Kristi Beason
Pro-Nov Rachel Baar Tucker Braa
Pro-Nov Liz Baremore Brion Smith
Pro-Nov Liz Baremore Marilyn Miller
Pro-Nov Liz Baremore Marion Christianson
Pro-Nov Liz Baremore Shelby Hurley
Pro-Nov Barry Baremore Brion Smith
Pro-Nov Barry Baremore Marilyn Miller
Pro-Nov Barry Baremore Marion Christianson
Pro-Nov Barry Baremore Shelby Hurley
Pro-Nov Beth Rishor Brion Smith
Pro-Nov Beth Rishor Marilyn Miller
Pro-Nov Beth Rishor Marion Christianson
Pro-Nov Beth Rishor Ron Davis
Pro-Nov Cayley Rishor Brion Smith
Pro-Nov Cayley Rishor Marilyn Miller
Pro-Nov Cayley Rishor Marion Christianson
Pro-Nov Doneva Brown Katheleen Heath
Pro-Nov Doneva Brown Hilliary Fought
Pro-Nov Vondalee Hight John Ludwig
Pro-Nov Vondalee Hight TJ Heywood
Pro-Nov Barb Deaton TJ Heywood
Pro-Nov Barb Deaton Karen Veltman
Pro-Nov Barb Deaton Kip Veltman
Pro-Nov Bonnie Howitson An Johnson
Pro-Nov Deano Lovecchio An Johnson
Pro-Nov John Schieche Bev Schieche
Pro-Nov Jeff Hills Bev Schieche
Pro-Nov John Schieche Shannon Ternes
Pro-Nov Jay Cartmell Ron Davis
Pro-Nov Linda Reed Connie Robins
Pro-Nov Deano Lovecchio TJ Haywood
Pro-Nov Kip Veltman rachel Barr
Pro-Nov Kip Veltman ann Holgerson
Pro-Nov Karen Veltman ann Holgerson
Pro-Nov Karen Veltman rachel Barr
Pro-Nov Dennis fast Deano Lovecchio
Pro-Nov Hilary Gonia Chris Hawthorn
Pro-Nov Connie Robins Gary Talley
    Amateur - 92 Teams
Amateur diane davis Jane Bouchey
Amateur Larry Hauver Connie Hauver
Amateur Larry Hauver Justin Hauver
Amateur Larry Hauver Bill Jones
Amateur Connie Hauver Justin Hauver
Amateur Connie Hauver Jane Bouchey
Amateur Connie Hauver Marvin Bright
Amateur Becki Hamann Kayring Delikat
Amateur Becki Hamann Debby Easterson
Amateur Tracey bechtholdt Laurie ward
Amateur Marvin Bright Pam Bright
Amateur Pam Bright Larry Hauver
Amateur Pam Bright Jane Bouchey
Amateur Pam Bright Connie Hauver
Amateur Marvin Bright Larry Hauver
Amateur Marvin Bright Jane Bouchey
Amateur Sue Branch Sue Myra
Amateur Diane Davis Sue Myra
Amateur Lorie Banuchi Christine Gawthorn
Amateur Sue Branch Kayring Delikat
Amateur Chris Gawthorn Tracey Bechtholdt
Amateur Marty Schmidt Desiree Legare
Amateur Darlene Schmidt
Amateur Darlene Schmidt Desiree Legare
Amateur Tara Moore Aaron Shields
Amateur Tara Moore Vicki Grey
Amateur Tara Moore John Barteld
Amateur Tara Moore Duane DeChaux
Amateur Tara Moore Christine Gawthorne
Amateur Vicki Gray Craig Barr
Amateur Vicki Gray Elaine Olson
Amateur Vicki Gray Jason Roberson
Amateur Wily patterson Craig baar
Amateur Wily patterson Elaine Olson
Amateur Wily patterson Emily VanAusdale
Amateur Wily patterson Mark Brady
Amateur Jason Robinson Desiree Legare
Amateur Jason Robinson Janey Bouchey
Amateur Jason Robinson Vicky Gray
Amateur Jason Robinson Becki Hamann
Amateur Lisa Fast Pete Peterson
Amateur Dede Peterson Josie Coughlin
Amateur Pam Bright Debbie Easterson
Amateur Cheryl Tostenrude
Amateur Cheryl Tostenrude John Bartheld
Amateur Desiree Legare Kayring Delikat
Amateur An johnson Lynn cummings
Amateur John Bartheld Sheri Archambeault
Amateur Craig Baar Sheri Archambeault
Amateur Shad Morey Sheri Archambeault
Amateur Vicki Gray Sheri Archambeault
Amateur Marvin Bright Bill Jones
Amateur diane davis Larry Hauver
Amateur diane davis Brad Cummings
Amateur Jason Robinson Sheri Archambeault
Amateur Wily patterson Shad morey
Amateur Shad morey John Bartheld
Amateur Shad morey Elaine Olson
Amateur Mark Brady Willy Patterson
Amateur Mark Brady Tracey Bechtholdt
Amateur Mark Brady Chris Gawthorn
Amateur Mark Brady Bill Jones
Amateur Mark Brady Laurie Ward
Amateur Jon Murphy Kayring Delikat
Amateur Jon Murphy Jeff Beacock
Amateur Shelby Jones Jeff Beacock
Amateur Shelby Jones Kayring Delikat
Amateur Shelby Jones Jon Muphy
Amateur Lisa Fast Diane Davis
Amateur Lisa Fast Kayring Delikat
Amateur Lisa Fast Dede Peterson
Amateur Josie Coughlin Sue Branch
Amateur Josie Coughlin Diane Davis
Amateur Jon Murphy Desiree Lagare
Amateur Craig Baar Shad Morey
Amateur Craig Baar Don.a cox
Amateur Denis Gamache Darlene Schmidt
Amateur Denis Gamache Marty Schmidt
Amateur Elaine Olson Mark Brady
Amateur Elaine Olson Debbie Easterson
Amateur Tara Moore Denis Gamache
Amateur Shaari King Laurie Ward
Amateur 17125 7000
Amateur John Murphy Desiree Legare
Amateur Denis Gamache Justin Hauver
Amateur Shad morey Willy Patterson
Amateur Shad morey Sherri Archambeault
Amateur pat Long jill fargher
Amateur Shaari King Bibs Manuel
Amateur Lisa Fast Cheryl Tostenrude
Amateur Hilary Gonia Barb Deaton
Amateur Dede Peterson Pete Peterson
    Am-Nov - 117 Teams
Am-Nov Larry Hauver Ron Davis
Am-Nov Pam Bright Juliann Hinkle
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Juliann Hinkle
Am-Nov Becki Hamann Marilyn Miller
Am-Nov Becki Hamann Brion Smith
Am-Nov Jeff Beacock Vicki Gray
Am-Nov Tracey bechtholdt DeLynn erickson
Am-Nov Amanda Beacock Vicki Gray
Am-Nov Diann Monroe Robin Sak
Am-Nov Pam Bright Mike Brown
Am-Nov Pam Bright
Am-Nov Barb Deaton Vicki Gray
Am-Nov Barb Deaton Kayring Delikat
Am-Nov Rae Ann Jonson Becki Hamann
Am-Nov Jason Robinson AJ Metheney
Am-Nov Sue Myra Steve Speck
Am-Nov Bonnie Howitson Desiree Legare
Am-Nov Marty Schmidt Aaron Krause
Am-Nov Darlene Schmidt Aaron Krause
Am-Nov Desiree Legare Aaron Krause
Am-Nov Dede Peterson Bonnie Howitson
Am-Nov Lorie Banuchi Donna Cox
Am-Nov Lorie Banuchi Craig Baar
Am-Nov April Yancey Kaidence Yancey
Am-Nov April Yancey Cloey Yancey
Am-Nov DeLynn Erickson Willie Patterson
Am-Nov Hilary Gonia Willy Patterson
Am-Nov April Yancey Christine Gawthorn
Am-Nov Vicki Gray Rachel Barr
Am-Nov Wily patterson Rachel Baar
Am-Nov Wily patterson Delynn Erickson
Am-Nov Wily patterson Hilary Gonia
Am-Nov Jason Robinson Shelby Hurley
Am-Nov Jason Robinson Rae Ann Jonson
Am-Nov Jason Robinson Brion Smith
Am-Nov Jason Robinson Marilyn Miller
Am-Nov Tara Moore Tom Leite
Am-Nov Aaron Shields Tom Leite
Am-Nov Christine Gawthorne Tom Leite
Am-Nov Jeff Beacock Debby Easterson
Am-Nov Amanda Beacock Debby Easterson
Am-Nov Lorie Banuchi Debby Easterson
Am-Nov Lorie Banuchi Vicki Gray
Am-Nov Bonnie Howitson Josie Coughlin
Am-Nov Deano Lovecchio Josie Coughlin
Am-Nov Rae Ann Jonson Janey Bouchey
Am-Nov Shannon Ternes Marty Schimd
Am-Nov Shannon Ternes Darlene Schmid
Am-Nov Pete Peterson Josie Coughlin
Am-Nov Pam Bright Shannon Terrnes
Am-Nov Pam Bright Debbie Easterson
Am-Nov Robin sak Lyn sak
Am-Nov April Yancey Tom leite
Am-Nov Hilary Gonia Vicki Gray
Am-Nov Rae Ann Jonson Tara Moore
Am-Nov Kayring Delikat Rae Ann Jonson
Am-Nov Bonnie Howitson Lisa Fast
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Ron Davis
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Vonda lee Hight
Am-Nov Marvin Bright Pete Peterson
Am-Nov Shaari King Bonnie Howitson
Am-Nov Vonda Lee Hight Jane Bouchey
Am-Nov Pam Bright Diann Monroe
Am-Nov Diann Monroe Wendy Clapp
Am-Nov Mark Brady Lori Banuchi
Am-Nov Mark Brady DeLynn Erickson
Am-Nov Mark Brady Emily Vanausdle
Am-Nov Jon Murphy Shelby Jones
Am-Nov Jon Murphy Jeff Beacock
Am-Nov Jon Murphy Amanda Beacock
Am-Nov Jon Murphy Emily Van Ausdale
Am-Nov Jon Murphy Shelby Hurley
Am-Nov Shelby Jones Kayring Delikat
Am-Nov Shelby Jones Emily Vanausdle
Am-Nov Shelby Jones Vicki Gray
Am-Nov Jeff Beacock Craig Baar
Am-Nov Christine gawthorn
Am-Nov Christine gawthorn Aaron krause
Am-Nov Jane Bouchey Bobi Manuel
Am-Nov Hilary Gonia Jon Murphy
Am-Nov Lisa Fast Vondalee Hight
Am-Nov Jon Murphy Barb Deaton
Am-Nov Jon Murphy Aaron Krause
Am-Nov Craig Baar Rachel Baar
Am-Nov Craig Baar Emily vanausdale
Am-Nov Craig Baar Connie Robbins
Am-Nov Craig Baar Shelby jones
Am-Nov Rachel Baar Shad Morey
Am-Nov Becki Hamann Wendy Clapp
Am-Nov Becki Hamann Marion Christianson
Am-Nov Kayring Delikat Marilyn Miller
Am-Nov Kayring Delikat Brion Smith
Am-Nov Craig Baar Becly Gransbury
Am-Nov Becky Gransbury Shad Morey
Am-Nov Becky Gransbury Donna cox
Am-Nov Bev Schieche Janey Bouchey
Am-Nov Elaine Olson Connie Robins
Am-Nov Devra Lewis Bill Jones
Am-Nov Bobi Manuel Bill Jones
Am-Nov John Murphy Aaron Krause
Am-Nov John Murphy Desiree Legare
Am-Nov Larry Glazier Carson Hauver
Am-Nov Larry Hauver Carson Hauver
Am-Nov Justin Hauver Carson Hauver
Am-Nov Shad morey Rachel Baar
Am-Nov Deano Lovecchio April Yancey
Am-Nov Deano Lovecchio Deb Goetsch
Am-Nov Bonnie Howitson Deb Goetsch
Am-Nov Deano Lovecchio Dede McGregor Peterson
Am-Nov Shaari King Babi Manuel
Am-Nov Vondalee Hight Pam Bright
Am-Nov Deano Lovecchio Lisa Fast
Am-Nov Hilary Gonia Craig Barr
Am-Nov John Lehmkuhl Aaron Shields
Am-Nov Connie Robins Chris Gawthorn
Am-Nov Connie Robins Aaron Shields
    Novice - 70 Teams
Novice Amanda Beacock Lorie Banuchi
Novice Amanda Beacock Connie Robins
Novice Diann Monroe Lynn Sak
Novice Barb Deaton Lorie Banuchi
Novice Wendy Clapp Shelby Hurley
Novice Wendy Clapp Mike Brown
Novice Amanda Beacock David Olson
Novice Emily Vanausdle Lorie Banuchi
Novice Rae Ann Jonson AJ Metheney
Novice Rae Ann Jonson Brion Smith
Novice Rae Ann Jonson Marilyn Miller
Novice Bonnie Howitson Aaron Krause
Novice Deano Lovecchio Aaron Krause
Novice Kaidence Yancey Cloey Yancey
Novice Lorie Banuchi Rachel Baar
Novice Bonnie Howitson Deano Lovecchio
Novice Shelby Hurley Delynn Erickson
Novice DeLynn Erickson Shelby Jones
Novice DeLynn Erickson Hilary Gonia
Novice Shelby Hurley Hilary Gonia
Novice DeLynn Erickson Dave Olson
Novice Hilary Gonia Dave Olson
Novice Hilary Gonia Wendy Clapp
Novice Shannon Ternes Bev Schieche
Novice Shannon Ternes John Lehmkuhl
Novice Bonnie Howitson Shannon Ternes
Novice Deano Lovecchio Shannon Ternes
Novice Rae Ann Jonson AJ Metheny
Novice Bobi manuel Devra lewis
Novice Bobi manuel John Lemonkahl
Novice Rae Ann Jonson Shannon Clark Ternes
Novice Diann Monroe Wendy Clapp
Novice Barb Deaton Shelby Jones
Novice Barb Deaton Rachel Barr
Novice Shelby Jones Rachel Baar
Novice Shelby Jones Jeff Beacock
Novice Shelby Jones Amanda Beacock
Novice Shelby Jones Shelby Hurley
Novice Barb Deaton David Olson
Novice Barb Deaton Connie Robins
Novice Jeff Beacock Amanda Beacock
Novice Jeff Beacock Rachel Baar
Novice Jeff Beacock Lorie Banuchi
Novice Jeff Beacock Connie Robins
Novice Christine Gawthorn
Novice Shelby Hurley Aaron Krause
Novice Rachel Baar Emily vanausdale
Novice Rachel Baar Connie Robbins
Novice Rachel Baar Barb deaton
Novice Rachel Baar Sjelby jones
Novice Marilyn Miller Brion Smith
Novice Marilyn Miller AJ Metheny
Novice Marilyn Miller Marion Christianson
Novice Brion Smith AJ Metheny
Novice Brion Smith Marion Christianson
Novice Rae Ann Jonson Marion Christianson
Novice Wendy Clapp Devra Lewis
Novice Kathleen Maine-Heath Hillary Fought
Novice Rachel Baar Becly Gransbury
Novice Becky Gransbury Connie Robbins
Novice Bev Schieche Ron Davis
Novice Julianne Hinkle Devra Lewis
Novice Deano lovecchio
Novice Deano lovecchio
Novice Bonnie Howitson
Novice Bonnie Howitson
Novice Hilary Gonia Rachel Barr
Novice Connie Robins Dave Olsen
Novice Connie Robins Lori Banuchi
    Survivor - 27 Riders
Survivor Steve Speck  
Survivor Sean Walton  
Survivor TJ Heywood  
Survivor Lyn Sak  
Survivor Wendy Clapp  
Survivor Jason Robinson  
Survivor Christine Gawthorn  
Survivor Sue Branch  
Survivor Diana Monroe  
Survivor April Yancey  
Survivor Tara Moore  
Survivor DeLynn Erickson  
Survivor Hilary Gonia  
Survivor Desiree Legare  
Survivor Jim Adderson  
Survivor Dede Peterson  
Survivor Pete Peterson  
Survivor Josie Coughlin  
Survivor Deb Goetsch  
Survivor Rae Ann Jonson  
Survivor Linda Reed  
Survivor Aaron Krause  
Survivor Liz Baremore  
Survivor Barry Baremore  
Survivor Brion Smith  
Survivor Marilyn Miller  
Survivor Julianne Hinkle